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Meghanne's Story

Buck's Story

I have always loved my home here in the Pacific Northwest and I have always sang. The story my mom tells is that I sang before I spoke. By the time I was 3 years old I had memorized the entire soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. When I was 7 I joined the Seattle Girls' Choir, at 14 I was involved in a project called Everyone Has a Song. As a teenager I sang for multiple YouthCare fundraising events as well as other events within the organization. I sang the National Anthem for The Tacoma Rainiers 2 times. 


In the 90s I was a homeless kid. I lived in doorways, under bridges, in parks, and in various shelter programs. I wrote music as a way to cope with the world around me. 

Now as an adult I continue to write music and now I am out in the world performing it. The goal is to sing to ALL the people. 

In 2020 I met Buck and we became friends. I knew he was a great musician after about 30 seconds of hearing him play. Since then we have written many songs together, some of which can be heard on our EP; Highly Motivated, which is available on all streaming platforms. 

My musical journey started at the age 8, when I began taking guitar lessons from Frank Baffaro at Baffaro music in Renton Wa. He convinced my parents that I needed an electric guitar for Christmas, He was right and I still have it. I have continued taking guitar lessons throughout my life from great guitarists such as Cory Wilds and Brian Feist. In 5th grade I decided to add the trumpet to my repertoire. By the time I was in high school I had become an accomplished player; playing lead trumpet in Marching Band, Jazz Band and Concert Band and continuing to study guitar with Cory Wilds. I also played guitar in a band called The Druids while I was in High School, which at the time, was the best high school rock band to ever exist.


In the early 2000’ s Post Grunge Seattle, I played in a band called 1300 South. We played all the major hot spots in the Seattle area but the early 2000s were a strange time for music with the emergence of Napster and other online streaming platforms and all the record left Seattle. 1300 South disbanded and I took time off to do the family thing. Once my step-daugher grew up I went back to studying guitar with Brian Feist and Cory Wilds while I cut my teeth and worked toward making a name for myself in the South Sound Blues Scene. Then I met Meghanne Storey and all hell broke loose. 

The Meghanne Storey Project performs original music written and sung by Meghanne Storey and Buck McCoy.  Meghanne writes emotional lyrics with soulful melodies that are rooted in the Pacific Northwest style. Buck writes creative guitar licks with a nod to the 90s with his use of the beautiful signature Grunge Rock style chord lines. This combination creates songs and sounds that are truly remarkable. 

Samples of our music can be found on our social media channels as well as all streaming platforms. 


Booking Agents:  Please send us a message about your venue and open dates.   We are able to perform as a duo or a full band. We do have a PA if needed. 

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