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My Story

I have always loved my home here in the Pacific Northwest and I have always sang. The story my mom tells is that I sang before I spoke. By the time I was 3 years old I had memorized the entire soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. When I was 7 I joined the Seattle Girls' Choir, at 14 I was involved in a project called Everyone Has a Song. As a teenager I sang for multiple YouthCare fundraising events as well as other events within the organization. I sang the National Anthem for The Tacoma Rainiers 2 times. 


In the 90s I was a homeless kid. I lived in doorways, under bridges, in parks, and in various shelter programs. I wrote music as a way to cope with the world around me. 

Now as an adult I continue to write music and now I am out in the world performing it. The goal is to sing to ALL the people. 





Meghanne Storey performs original music written and sung by Meghanne Storey.  Meghanne writes emotional lyrics with soulful melodies that are rooted in the Pacific Northwest style. 

Samples of my music can be found on my social media channels as well as all streaming platforms. 


Booking Agents:  Please send a message about your venue and open dates.   

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